Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 3: So far, so good.

Sundays I try to go without getting on the internet at all, so as to better enjoy my day of rest. Only checking Facebook on Wednesdays and Saturdays has naturally lead to less internet time in general, turns out. I'm okay with this, mostly because that means that FACEBOOK consumed most of my time online. Blech. (I promise I'm not trying to demonize Facebook. This is a personal journey, not an agenda I'm trying to force on everyone.)

Monday was a good day for me:
This is my dearest sister's sunhat. I wore it while I hung clothes on the line to dry. I had a great time! It was kind of therapeutic...and I think that the clothes may have dried faster than in our drier. Isn't her sunhat cute?  I take no credit on the cuteness of that hat, it all goes to Jalaena. (I love you, Jalaena!)

Here's my sister and Henry, they were hanging out while I hung the clothes. What a picturesque time. Oh, did I mention that we really like blue? 

I have been more productive and restful. I've done much less comparing of myself to others, and have enjoyed sending the intentional email. I've had projects piling up that I'm going to be starting. I've had more time with my own thoughts -- sometimes it's great, sometimes it's not. 

So as not to trick you into thinking that leaving this Social Media stuff has made my life perfect, here are some "Real-Mommy" Moments.

Real Mommy Moments:

  • We had to order pizza on Saturday night because I didn't do any dinner prep throughout the day.
  • Yesterday morning I was being uber-productive. I went outside and worked on the computer while Henry played in the backyard. I don't remember the order of events exactly, but he turned over the water table getting himself all wet, then he ran to me and wanted me to pick him up (a reasonable desire being a cold, wet 20 month old). I wouldn't pick him up because...well, because he was wet! I made him walk inside with me so we could change him into dry clothes. 
  • At a different point, he was stepping on my backpack, and in the act of getting my backpack out from under his feet, I knocked him over. He started crying HUGE crocodile tears, and I felt terrible. I picked him up, held him close, and apologized. Oh yeah, and I think all of these were due, in part, to Henry messing up my "productivity streak". Thankfully, I had a heart check moment, I said a prayer to be more understanding and patient with sweet little Henry. Things got better between us. :)
  • There were dirty dishes in the sink all day yesterday. 
  • Oh, I went WAY over grocery budget, and domestic budget, this month. It seems that Sprouts store being within a 5 minute walk has been detrimental to us. What can I say, I love Sprouts. But in the future, I have to discipline myself to stay within our budget. 
Why the Real Mommy Moments? Because I want to remind you that I am real, and that just because I am limiting my Facebook and Pinterest time doesn't mean I've found myself in a domestic utopia. I find myself reading blogs of various mommy's and I wonder how they do all that they do, and inevitably feeling terrible about myself. 

If you're interested, here are links to two articles that talk about Pinterest and Instagram. I'm going to try to post things like this so you can hear from others who are talking about this as well. 
I'll have a blog-post about the Pinterest one in the future. 

Alright, readers! Thoughts? Anything you'd like to see on here? I'm up for suggestions. 


  1. I really liked this post! Your comment about how much you guys like the color blue made me laugh. x-) I'd love to hear about the projects you're starting soon!

    Your "Real Mommy Moments" really encouraged me. I've been having a hard few days getting frustrated with Ellie. She's getting so much more willful and demanding, and I've just not been gracious with her. I actually had to apologize, too, even though I'm pretty sure she had no idea what I was saying. :)

    I'm grateful to have a friend like you, Megan!

    1. Jaimie, you're so kind. :) I thought it was funny how much blue there was in that photo.

      I'm happy you liked the "Real Mommy Moments". One thing I do not want my blog to do is make others feel terrible about themselves. I can't control everyone's emotions, but I can be honest about the difficulties and joys of everyday life.

      I'm looking forward to talking today. :)